Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UNDP gives $1 Million Dollars grant to Columbia University for its role in covering up Investigation into North Korea's operations

Posted on on October 4th, 2008
by Pincas Jawetz (

NYU, Columbia, Harvard disclose the Foreign Gifts they received. Harvard Returned to The president of the United Arab Emirates $2.5 Million When It Turned Out It Was For The Purpose Of Establishing A Chair For Antisemitic Speakers. NYU and Columbia got Funds From The Same Sorce Also - STRANGELY - COLUMBIA GOT Also $One Million from the UN Development Program - ? How Does This Impair The Vision of the UN?

The following was reported by the now defunct New York Sun - a paper we miss now badly. We did not post this article at the time because we did not think it had a news value to say that some Arab presents might influence the academics’ vision of the Middle East - but we realized that it might also harbor a view of the UN when UNDP, that is supposed to help countries in need, and had its share of problems by actually squandering money on unworthy recipients - the likes of the government of North Korea - also found in its pockets enough change to give to Columbia University $1 Million. We really would like to know how this impaired the vision of Columbia University when it deals with the UN. Was this money responsible for Columbia organizing now an important meeting on Climate Change, with appropriate UN folks - on exactly the Yom Kippur day which is practically a day business closes in New York City - with the exception of the UN? Or was this money a token of appreciation for Columbia's university role in the UNDP's Operations in North Korea?

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