Monday, October 6, 2008

UNDP Adviser in Kyrgystan admits failure of UNDP programmes in Kyrgystan

02/10-2008 13:18, Bishkek – News Agency “”, By Aizada KUTUEVA

“Kyrgyz gender policy mechanisms do not work effectively, despite of good legislation,” Klelia Balta, gender adviser of the United Nations Development Program Bratislava regional center said to the news agency “” at the round table, named Women and Administration: Political Participation and Women Leadership.

Regional report elaboration on Women in Administration project is implemented by UNDP in six countries: Poland, Bosnia and Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. “Poland experiences religious factor increase, despite the fact that it is a European Union member. This leads to the women’s rights violations, especially in the reproductive sphere. In Turkey there is women number increase in the parliament, like in Kyrgyzstan. But the local governmental levels do not have significant shift. Bosnia and Montenegro are just beginning to penetrate with the mechanisms of gender policy implementation. I do not want to evaluate Georgia and Ukraine situations because of ongoing military actions and complex political situation,” Balta says.

All the changes in any country take a long time, gender adviser noted. “However UNDP office in Kyrgyzstan take the responsibility and give confidence that gender focused programs will actively be implemented. We need institutional mechanisms, good legislation, high educational level of the population and governmental performance of taken responsibilities to achieve this goal. Since strong civilian sector plays a big role, our cooperation with this sector will give us opportunities to solve gender problems. We should not forget that this problem is not only women’s, but the whole society’s interested in sustainable development,” Balta concluded.


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