Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foreign Policy: Israeli lawyer named to top Security Council counterterrorism post

By Colum Lynch
The United Nations has promoted a former Israeli attorney to a job as the U.N. Security Council's top counterterrorism lawyer, making him the only Israeli national serving in a senior security position within the U.N. Secretariat, according to U.N. and Israeli officials.
David Scharia, has been appointed legal coordinator for the Security Council's Counter Terrorism Committee's Executive Directorate, where he will oversee a team of 12 international legal experts who advise the 15-nation council on its counterterrorism efforts.
The appointment to what is a relatively mid-level post in the U.N.'s hierarchy would not typically be newsworthy, were it not so uncommon for Israelis to advance in an organization that helped give birth to Israel but which has since had a history of contentious relations with that state.
Of the nearly 44,000 international servants employed by the United Nations, only 124 are Israeli, according to U.N. records.

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