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CORRUPTION: - UNDP China spends $118,000 since 2011 for Maurice Strong

United Nations say: 

Maurice Strong makes $1 a year

UNDP accounts show:

$118,000 in 8 months

A strange "Chinese vendor" at UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in Beijing/China, was issued Air Tickets and DSA (Daily Sustainable Allowances) to attend high level meetings in India, New York and Rio de Janeiro, all related to Rio+20 Conference.

His name is Maurice Strong: 
Pic from Wikipedia (Click here

The UNDP Beijing issued a business-class ticket to Maurice Strong (83 years old), despite the United Nations regulations clearly stating that maximum age to travel for UN is 72. The ticket had a very strange itinerary:

Beijing - Toronto - New York - Toronto - Rio de Janeiro - Beijing

The 83 years old, also failed to produce full medical certificate that would have allowed UNDP to certify that he was/is fit to travel. At his age, United Nations took a great deal of exposure should smth happened to him during "official trip". UNDP would had to cover him as a UNDP consultant.

The UNDP Office in Beijing also provided Mr. Maurice Strong "some" pocket money, or in UN-ish DSA, so he could be able to eat/drink and other incidental expenses. All this despite the fact that all United Nations Staff traveling to Rio-de-Janeiro didn't need to pay for their Hotel accommodations since the United Nations had already picked up the bill.

A curious fact is that each UN Staff traveling to Rio+20 received a Daily Subsistence Allowance of $310 (time six days - minimum), out of $580 (which is the usual Rio DSA). At least 1825 UN staffers traveled to Rio last week. Only for Travel + DSA, the United Nations/UNDP paid :

1825 United Nations Staffers

Hotel Accommodation:       $270/Day x 6 days (minimum) = $2,956,500.00
DSA (daily CASH):            $310/Day x 6 days (minimum) = $3,394,500.00

Air Travel***:                           $5000 x 1825                     = $9,125,000.00
***the above amount is average of business class tickets, the final tail will be calculated at the end of the conference.

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