Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jens Wandel vis-a'-vis Darshak Shah (Who would Helen Clark select?)

Assistant Secretary General
Bureau of Management

Helen Clark is about to decide which UNDP insider to hire in order to replace the incompetent and ignorant Akiko Yuge.

The game is between :

Jens Wandel and Darshak Shah

While Jens Wandel is well known for his incredible vision and leadership, (see Jens CV on UNDP website), Darshak Shah on the other side is the dark man of UNDP. Darshak without a master degree nor a CPA certificate is the Chief Finance Officer of $7 Billion dollar UNDP.

But if anyone dares to search thru the UNDP site for Darshak Shah Chief Finance Officer and his personal CV - you will get a blant "Fuck you" reply from UNDP management.

Yes, Helen Clark doesn't want anyone to know about the history or background of her Chief Finance Officer and former comptroller of UNDP. His CV is "SECRET".

Instead if anyone wants information about Jens Wandel - its easy click here and you will find plenty on him, photos, videos, speeches and much more.


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