Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Helen Clark welcomes "new broom" at FAO - forgets that after three years at helm of UNDP has failed to clean/reform her own house

It's amazing 2 hear Admin mention . She's on 3rd yr & has yet 2 show leadership & clean corruption

Mentioned in this Tweet

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Anonymous said...

its unfair to attribute all failures to Mm Clark.

@UNDP the old mafia is quite strong, the likes of Darshak, Bruce Jenks and Gettu are still the ones who direct everything. They've been successful to isolate Clark and Simpson from the day-2-day mngmnt.

With arrival of frmr UNEP PR Chief @UNDP, the old mafia will properly shape the message without need of Clark.

Anonymous said...

Gettu is the worst - a criminal wearing some fancy suits and coats. What can one expect from an Ethiopian who is a close friend of the Ethiopian Prime Minister and who looks the other way when Ethiopian Govt. is getting increasingly repressive?! Same management style in UNDP too... leopards never change their spots!