Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UN Security Team in DPRK decides NOT to raise Security Status after bombings in the South

In a meeting held today by heads of UN Agencies in Pyongyang (who are also members of the UN Security team in DPR Korea) they decided:

1. Not to raise security phase alert for North Korea;
  • Members of security team expressed concerns that if they elevate current security phase in North Korea (DPRK) it might anger the DPRK Government and result in deterioration of the UN cooperation and programmes in North Korea;
  • They also feared that an increased security phase might mean a halt of programme work in the field, meaning international advisors, consultants and humanitarian aid personnel who work in capacity building programmes might not be allowed in the country;
2. Continue monitor the situation and decide accordingly;
  • Security team requested that the Security Focal Point keep ongoing contact with Un HQs (DSS) as well as the Western Embassies present in Pyongyang and brief accordingly the UN Team at any time;

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