Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Secret:While South Koreans are killed from Kim Jong-il artillery - Ban Ki Moon and South Korean Mission to the UN rush in to open credit line for Kim

in a secret document published this morning from FoxNews, is revealed that while North Korea was shelling the South Korean's island, killing civilians, Ban Ki-moon and his immediate staffers (Bob Orr and Kim won-so) are thinking to once again buy peace from the North by increasing the CASH for Kim Jong-il regime thru Helen Clark's UNDP. Another failed sun-shine policy.

UNDP Watch believes that this secret document, which seem to have been drafted under the direct supervision of the American Chair of the EOSG's Policy Committee, Mr. Robert Orr, could not have been commissioned unless with the direct blessing of US Mission to the UN (USUN) and/or involvement of China and/or Russia.

The document in itself seem to leave aside the national interests of South Korea and Japan. But it might as well be that the South Korean Mission to the UN, is trying to persuade Kim Jong-il to stop attacking by giving CASH thru United Nations, while "talking tough" on TV in front of an angry South Korean public who wants revenge. You never know with these diplomats.

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