Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is Ban Ki-moon responsible for "Crimes Against Humanity" committed by Kim Jong-il and North Korean Regime ?

Currently North Korea runs six prison camps with almost 154,000 political prisoners. These data come from a recent South Korean government report.

Last week for the first time - a representative of the GNP ruling party in South Korea said that: - "These 154,000 - who are held in separate prisons from common criminals - are forced to work more than 10 hours a day on only 200g (7oz) of food, and are denied medical care".

Mr. Yooo Sang-hyun of the Grand National Party was quoted saying that: - "North Korea perpetrates various crimes against humanity, including public executions, tortures or rapes, against those who try to escape".

Many experts now are saying that previous governments, when Ban Ki-Moon was Minister of Foreign Affairs, have failed to highlight the evidence of the human rights abuses in North Korea, and that somehow with the Sunshine policy and CASH support from Ministry of Reunification for Kim Jong-il might have been an supportive element for the perpetration of these Crimes Against Humanity committed in the North by the Communist Regime.

Ban Ki-moon has continued to remain silent about North Korean human rights abuses not only throughout his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea but also when he came to the helm of the United Nations since January 2007. Although the UN keeps an official presence in Pyongyang, with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Ban Ki-moon seem to intentionally fail to address these issues and affront the Regime on the matter.

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