Thursday, October 22, 2009

UNDP seeks to defend Helen Clark

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Yesterday Adam drew attention to some NY media criticism of one Helen Clark. Adam’s post was the result of an item on Morning Report.

David Farrar had a post on this as well, later in the day. Mr Farrar pointed out that with the exception of Morning Report none of the other NZ media had apparently mentioned the story. Farrar notes as well that media covering the UN in NYC do not appear to be so compliant as NZ media were.

Today on Morning Report was another item on Helen Clark and the media issue. No it was not HC on the phone from the US but a UNDP Communications wallah, who had obviously been set the task of hosing this issue down. Again he did not seem to get tough questioning. The line he spun was that HC travelled a lot and gave interviews etc when overseas. Yet the main issue raised yesterday that HC does not front to the main UN press corps in NY was not dealt with, nor the issue of reporter management in Adam’s view.

Also Radio NZ allowed 7 mins 48 seconds of airtime for the rebuttal as opposed to 4 minutes 18 seconds for the original piece.

Oh and still have not seen any other media coverage.

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