Friday, July 24, 2009

UNDP programs in Panama to be reviewed

PANAMA. The Ministry of Economy and Finance is going to have a meeting with representatives of the Development Program of the United Nations (PNUD) over the next few days to discuss the advisory projects that organization has with the Panamanian government.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alberto Vallarino has questioned the amount of money that the State has paid to PNUD advisors, because some of them were receiving salaries higher than those earned by ministers.

Vallarino said that although the PNUD is giving advice to the government, the money that it is handling comes from the National Treasury.

The minister said that he called PNUD after the second meeting of the National Economic Council (CENA) place to gain information about the resources the government invested in those programs.

In April this year it was $48 million, which was considerably lower that it was in February, when it was of $59 million.

“What we want from PNUD is clarification of the program’s expenses. This goes beyond the PNUD. It has to do with putting the public finances in order,” said Vallarino.

“We do not want to have any problems with the United Nations, because we appreciate the work they are doing for Panama, but we need to know more,” said the minister.

Vallarino also said that currently his ministry is investigating the concessions given to the Fish and Yacht Club.

The letter was sent to its board of directors asking to appoint three representatives to talk with the General Comptroller and the Ministry of Finance with regards to the landfills.

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