Sunday, August 4, 2013

U.N. expat settles in PH to promote green energy

Peter Noel Pembleton, a British national who had worked for the United Nations for over three decades, is now using his expertise to promote carbon finance and green energy in the Philippines.
Married to a Filipino woman, Pembleton, 64, settled in the Philippines in 2009 and established a carbon trading consulting firm that helps companies take advantage of a global treaty designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
His initial experience after settling in the Philippines is a period of adjustment.  Pembleton says working in the country is not easy and he has to learn to practice patience in times of delays.
However, he says the Philippines has a competitive edge over its Southeast Asian neighbors.  “While there are many things that could be improved upon in the business/working environment, I have also learnt that the Philippines has a comparative advantage in the Asean region in terms of its educated, English-speaking workforce,” he says.

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