Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helen Clark on Reddit says: "ask me anything" ...! Our question is : NZ press alleges you are a lesbian - what is your response to that?

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Helen Clark. Photo / Steven McNicholl
Helen Clark. Photo / Steven McNicholl 
Former prime minister Helen Clark will dive into the social news website Reddit on Tuesday morning for an "ask me anything" chatroom.

It is the same forum used by US President Barack Obama during his election campaign last year and made popular by the website's 43 million users.

The IAmA ("I am a") Reddit is one of the most clicked-on by the site's users and prompts others to AMA ("ask me anything").

Miss Clark has been put up for the web chat by the United Nations in her role as director of the UN's Development Programme.

The UN shared the news about Miss Clark's planned Reddit chat on its Twitter account and invited questions about Millennium Development Goals, though users will, as the name suggests, be able to ask the former prime minister whatever they like.

New Zealanders wanting to join the chat will have to be up early though, with it set to start at 4.30am (10.30am eastern standard time in the United States).

You can join her Reddit chat at reddit.com/r/iama.

Previous high-profile people to take part in IAmA chats have included Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert and Bear Grylls.

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