Thursday, March 1, 2012

U.N. SCANDAL IN AFGHANISTAN: Jan Kubis head of UNAMA tells angry crowds - U.N. didn't burn your Koran - Americans did - go after them

How long should US Government continue to fund the United Nations anti-americanism?

Jan Kubis, who got US Mission to the U.N.'s Ok to be nominated as USG and Head of UNAMA shows his anti-American face by demanding that "those who burned the Koran should be disciplined" and addressing angry crowds of Afghanis by telling them that: "We were not the ones who desecrated the holy Koran," Kubis said. "We deeply, deeply, profoundly respect Islam." (Click here to view this on @Reuters)

Guess what - the Americans pay 65% of this gentleman $500Thousand a year salary, and instead of strongly condemning the killing of US Officers at the Ministry of Interior this UN coward turns and tells the crowds - go to the Americans they did it.

Jan Kubis Head of UN in Afghanistan

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Anonymous said...

as usual, another idiot from the meaningless, impotent United Nations, spewing hate language against the United States.