Friday, July 22, 2011

USAID overpays ($25) for solar lanterns via UNDP Kenya - beter quality lanterns sold on Amazon for only $19

“The solar lights have a huge impact on health, education, productivity and overall improve the quality of people’s lives,” said Joseph Nganga from Solanterns, an initiative of Renewable Energy Ventures.

Its lanterns cost around $25 and are powered via a solar panel, which charges a lithium ion battery. Solanterns says it has reached over 1,500 households. This was partly helped by USAID which bought and distributed 500 lanterns around Nairobi. CLICK HERE FOR THIS

you paid $25 (overpriced) while you can buy a better one 4 only 19$


Anonymous said...

its unacceptable for UNDP and USAID to sustain a so called local production of lanterns in Kenya - when everyone knows that its only an assembly line of very cheep chinese products, which then in return are sold at $25 dollars a piece in market. This product is not worth 4-5$ the most.

Anonymous said...

supporting african children should remain a priority, and if the aim here is to provide them with light to study, than why not purchase from Amazon and/or other U.S. companies quality products and ship them to Africa. This will continue to create jobs in America while we continue to provide humanitarian and development support to African nations.

Anonymous said...

this is non sense! why spend more for cheep chinese products - when you can spend USAID funds buying American products and ship them to Africa?

Anonymous said...

Really... this is the lantern you think they should have bought?

The reviews from two users who describe it as "not worth the money" and others who tried it for Haiti and say "the light projected is very limited. It is not adequate to light a dark room."

Ned Campbell said...

Have yet to find a solar lantern made in the US that holds a light to the Chinese models. If it doesnt cast a good light, when spending $19 is a complete waste.