Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UNDP's Retaliator-in-Chief arrives in Washington DC to kiss GOP's ass not to cut its 2012 budget

Helen Clark
Just arrived in Washington to meet with U.S. officials and members of Congress.

Has just landed in Washington DC to basically kiss and "make-up" with GOP (Republican) majority in the House of Representatives and plea with them not to cut US contribution to UNDP for 2012.

Apparently Uncle Helen has chosen a very bad day to get to Washington - this morning GOP presented a 6 Trillion $$ austerity measures to balance public deficits.

No one knows what will Helen Clark offer US GOP leaders as proof of good faith or achievements in past recommendations. Sources close to 21st floor (DC1) say that Helen Clark was pressured from Susan Rice at USUN to go to Washington and "smooth things" as well as try to change GOP's view of UNDP in lieu of Susan Rice's Open Hearing on "UN Reforms" in front of Foreign Affairs Committee this coming Thursday 7th of April 2011.

Will see...we are reporting LIVE from Washington D.C.

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