Monday, May 25, 2009

UNDP's scandal in Harare is only "the tip of iceberg"

This is but the tip of the iceberg. The UN in Harare has been aiding and abetting the Mugabe regime for many years. They have:-

1) Steered food and other aid into Zanu PF cadres hands rather than to the needy.

2) Laundered foreign currency (donor and aid) through the corrupt reserve bank, and other selected banks at criminal exchange rates against the now defunct Zimbabwe dollar.

3) Failed to monitor food distribution that actually went to Zanu PF solidarity zealots.

4) Repeatedly used UN funds to sponsor, aid and abet evil, and to finance internal or external activities for Zanu PF solidarity comrades. All the time they knew that such activities were immoral or illegal in international law.

5) Have selected and used known human rights abusers, criminals in the Zimbabwe Police force for UN peacekeeping duties.

6) Their alleged publicly available activity reports and expenditures are either fraudulent, a joke, devoid of fabric, or non-existent.

7) Against the rules of the UN they have refused to be honest and transparent on all of these matters.

8) Been involved in illicit diamond dealing.

9) …. And much more.They are an absolute disgrace to the UN Charter, and to what it purportedly stands for.

For more details on the above Contact: - Agostino Zacarias at or in Harare on 00 2634 728-691/3

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