Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Africa: UN, Major Investment Firms Call for Increased Focus On Carbon Risk Management and Carbon Accounting in Investment Industry

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London — Institutional investors should start measuring, disclosing and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their investments and portfolios to reduce policy, regulatory and financial risks associated with these emissions, a new Investor Briefing launched by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) said today.
The briefing was developed jointly by UNEP and a group of leading investors, including Allianz, Aviva, Hermes, HSBC, Eurizon Capital, Inflection Point Capital, Pax World Investments, Robeco SAM and Trillium Asset Management.
It argues that carbon footprinting is one of several key tools that investors should use to understand, assess and mitigate portfolio carbon risk. The briefing also lays the foundations for the development of a new market standard to measure and report financed emissions.
According to the briefing, the build-up of GHG policy is likely to accelerate in coming years as the meteorological effects of climate change continue to intensify with increasingly disruptive impacts on communities and economies.

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