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Helen Clark making the case for International Development Cooperation in Canada

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05 March 2013

Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator

“Making the Case for International Development  Co-operation”
Kenneth and Patricia Mariash Global Issues Dialogue
Calgary, Canada

Tuesday 5 March 2013, 12:15pm


It’s a pleasure to come to Calgary to inaugurate the Kenneth and Patricia Mariash Global Issues Dialogue. My thanks go to the United Nations Association in Canada for their invitation, and to Kenneth and Patricia Mariash for making this annual dialogue possible.

As the prospects of nations and peoples grow increasingly interconnected, a dialogue series like this one becomes even more important.

With growing interdependence across national boundaries, it is critical to understand global challenges and how they impact on our lives, our communities, our economies, and our countries. Governments have to grapple with responses to these challenges – speaking as a former Prime Minister, I know how important is to have an engaged and informed public which understands the global pressures and context which affect domestic decisions and priorities.

Four years ago, I moved on from leading my country to leading the United Nations Development Programme which works in some 177 developing countries and territories.
Our mission is human development: lifting living standards, creating opportunities, and enabling people to live fulfilling lives.

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