Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Darshak Shah's wife - running for UNFCU Board of Directors (a year ago Darshak couldn't make it) - what's in it for Darshak that wants at any cost the UNFCU?

Aruna Thanabalasingam
Residence  New York, USA 
Agency and Department or Office  UNICEF, Deputy Director of Human Resources 

Educational Background 
Year of Graduation  Name of School  Degree 
1984  University of Essex, UK  BA (Honors), Policy Making and Administration 
1985  University of Lancaster, School of Management and Organizational Sciences, UK  Postgraduate Diploma, Business Analysis 
1993  Columbia University, NY USA  MA, Organization Psychology 

United Nations Service 
Start date/ end date  Company  Position Held 
2001 - 2003  UNDP  Chief of Recruitment, OHR 
2003 - 2005  UNDP  Chief, Business Advisory Services, OHR 
2005 - 2007  UNDP  Deputy Director, OHR and Chief, Business Advisory Services 
2007 - Present  UNICEF  Deputy Director, DHR, Strategic Talent Management 

Non-UN Experience 
Start date/ end date  Company  Position Held 
1988 - 1990  KPMG, Kenya  Managing Consultant, Executive Search 
1990 - 1993  Citibank, Avon Products, UNDP; Catalyst  Consultant 
1993 - 1998  PWC, New York  Manager, Human Resources 
1998  Deloitte Consulting, New York  Manager, International Recruitment 
1998 - 2001  KPMG, East Africa  Director, Human Resources Consulting Practice 

Experience/Qualifications relevant to candidacy 
I am a seasoned HR Professional with over 20 years of experience both in the private sector and UN system. I have a strong academic background in the behavioral sciences and a good grounding in policy and advocacy, as well as a sensitivity to people matters. Therefore, I believe I can add value as a member of the UNFCU Board, bringing to the table my diversity of experiences, and understanding of the contexts and needs of members both in the developing and developed world. 

Personal Statement 
I believe in the mission of UNFCU: “Serving the People Who Serve the World” by enriching members’ lives. Additionally, I strongly believe that in this current volatile and challenging environment, UNFCU has an opportunity to make a difference for its members. I would like to be part of the team that effects the change where appropriate and necessary to facilitate and impact the lives of members. The diversity of my background, experiences both in the private sector and the UN system, my professionalism, sound judgment and people intelligence are elements I can contribute as a member of the UNFCU Board. 

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