Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Syria: the effectiveness of high diplomacy

Question: Can a country (i.e.: Syria) where United Nations is "successfully implementing development assistance" be referred to International Criminal Court ?

Today the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Madam Susan E. Rice, rightfully applauded and welcomed the briefing by the UN' High Commissioner for Human Rights on the appalling human rights crisis in Syria.

Ambassador Rice
The United States welcomes today's briefing by the High Commissioner for on the appalling human rights crisis in .


UNITED NATIONS (AP) — More than 5,000 people have died in the nine-month-long Syrian uprising, U.N. human rights chief Navi Pillay said Monday.

Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, told reporters Monday that she told Security Council members of the dramatic increase in deaths during an afternoon briefing.

The death toll used by the U.N. in recent weeks has been around 4,000.

Pillay said she recommended that the council refer Syria to the International Criminal Court, the permanent war crimes tribunal, for investigation of possible crimes against humanity.

Pillay said that at least 300 children are among the dead, and there are thousands of people in detention.

She noted that the last time she briefed the council on Syria, in August, the death toll was at about 2,000.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said Pillay's briefing "underscores the urgency of the present moment."

"Through condemnations issued by the U.N. General Assembly and Human Rights Council and bold steps taken by the Arab League and the Government of Turkey, international bodies are starting to match their severe disapproval of Syria's bloody crackdown with concrete steps to bring it to an end," Rice said. "It is past time for the U.N. Security Council to do the same."


While the US Ambassador is pressuring the UN Security Council members for more decisive and effective actions agains the Syrian Regime, it seems that the US Mission to the UN along other Western Countries (Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and Canada) are silent when it comes to the ongoing development agenda of United Nations in Syria, millions of dollars that are currently being spent by the UN Agencies thru sponsoring the "development plans" of the Bashar al-Assad Regime.

Please click here to view the website of the United Nations in Syria, and how Ban Ki-moon's representatives in Damascus loud their fruitful cooperation with the Regime.

$58 Million
UN Assistance in Syria

How can a UN Human Rights Commissioner demand that al-Assad's Regime be referred to the International Criminal Court - while United Nations own agencies are doing business as usual inside Syria, and not only are lauding their "content for working with this Regime and the qualitative outcomes they are gaining in their daily work inside Syria" but the UN's own website in Syria calls their work inside that country a DEVELOPMENT AGENDA.

Why is not Madam Susan E. Rice of the United States of America, a member of the Executive Board of UNDP and other UN Agencies present in Syria, not demanding immediate withdrawal of all UN aid from that country?

How can United Nations and Ban Ki-moon certify that their aid and tax-payers dollars inside Syria are not diverted from the Regime ?

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