Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome to UNDP Watch !

This Blogger is dedicated to all UNDP staff whom are currently suffering under the corrupt administration and managers. The space is open to all UNDP staff and invites all to come and post as much as data related to how we operate both at Head Quarters and the Field.

Please feel free to post all your comments, and/or information. This space will not dictate nor block opinions. We need to show how great is to work for the UNDP, and that our image will not and should not be affected by certain corrupt administrators, directors, RRs and managers.

Feel free to publish directly in the blog :

- suspicious contracts;
- corrupt contracts;
- corrupt behaviours;
- corrupt consultants;
- corrupt project documents;
- Non monitored Annual Work Plans;
- corrupt procurement(s) submissions;
- nonexistent vendors;
- nepotism;
- harassment;
- miss-management;

Anything you think is not ethical to a UN employee.

There is so much impunity in our organization, only way to STOP it is if we make public what is going on in our daily work. Because of corrupt behaviour of few, we should not be ashamed when we go home to say : "we work for UNDP".

Let's work all together to clean up the corruption, increase internal control mechanisms and most important held our managers accountable.

Let's not forget that the money we manage is public money, and is meant for the poor and not for the pocket of few corrupt managers. We can do better !!!

The time of : -"let the managers - manage" is gone !!!!!